You will reap just what you sow!

Mini meadow

Mini meadow

Weeds are the joy bringers of my gardening day, there I’ve said it now, i’m obviously a nutter, a lazy gardener that allows these rank invaders to take over my plot whilst I sit in the sun with my rose tinted spectacles perched precariously on the end of my nose!  It’s true, I don’t believe in making gardening hard work, digging and hoeing everything into oblivion but I do the necessary jobs and then go with the flow, try and be flexible…I should explain that I’ve been pondering the virtues of weeds for some days now as I write my latest talk, ‘The wonderful world of weeds’ and I actually find that these sturdy vagabonds, these untamed mongrels lift my heart as I potter about doing my best to create a colourful, lively garden full of living things.

There are two sayings that come to mind when i think about weeds but with a slight twist on the interpretation i think they rather sum up my style and approach to managing my garden:

‘one years seeding, gives seven years weeding’.

And the second is: ‘you reap just what you sow’.

Poppies popped up

Poppies popped up

Usually these are quoted to somehow lead us to doomsday scenarios, the weeds ruling over everything in the garden, total disorder, loss of produce, a scene of neglect and dereliction. But,think about it for a moment, supposing you manage the weeding in a careful way that favours ‘good plants’, the ones that seed yes, but that you know and love and then learn how to recognise those seedlings and plants at all stages of their growth.  I sowed the mini meadow in a tiny corner of my veg plot, they flowered beautifully, set seed, I cut them down, composted them, spread some seeds along the way and hey presto, mini meadow pops up in a newly dug piece of ground nearby. It’s different character and make up of plants is the happy surprise. I recognised the seedlings early on, I was careful with my hoeing, took the decision to let them stay and was rewarded with a colourful profusion of chancers. If we take the latter quote first and also combine it with a healthy dose of careful composting, then the possibilities are positively joyous and combined with the first quote, a veritable recipe for wonderment in the garden for years and years to come!

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