The Wonderful World of Weeds


I’m writing my latest gardening club talk, title as above, and indulging my passion for research into all things botanical and generally digging up some interesting facts and figures.

Little wonder our gardens become blanketed by these opportunist vagabonds, the seeds of creeping buttercup for instance can survive dormant in the soil for 20 years and have still been recorded as viable after 80! Weed seeds are even eaten by earthworms, never mind all the other clever ways that plants have evolved to disperse them.

Thought for the day, the old wives saying, ‘One years seed, seven years weed’, has a definite ring of truth behind it when you consider that up to 12,000 seeds per meter sq have been recorded lying in wait in the soil seedbank, just needing a spade to bring them to the light, break dormancy and germinate. So not a lot of point worrying then about the odd dandelion parachuting in on the wind from your neighbours garden!

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